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Akdaş AK-40GLXM


  • Model: AK-40GLXM
  • Gauge: 40 mm
  • System: Barrel moves forward when the buttons located on to the right or left side optionally (ambidextrous). This model has double-action trigger system that cocks the action automatically during of trigger pull all the way up to the break point when the hammer drops.
  • Barrel Lenght: 191 mm
  • Total Length Standalone (Telescopic Stock Open): 623 mm
  • Total Length Standalone (Telescopic Stock Closed: 547 mm
  • Weight (Standalone-Empty): 2318 gr
  • Weight (Attached to MPT-76 Rifle-Empty): 2318 gr
  • Sight System: 100-400 m (100 m interval
  • Shooting Mode: Single shot
  • Shooting Velocity: 5-6 rounds / minute
  • Muzzle Velocity: Minimum 70 m/s
  • Effective Range: 350 m
  • Cocking Force: 60 Newton
  • Barrel Life Span: 5000 rounds
  • ShootingPattern: Within 5 meters at 200 meters
  • Type of Ammunition: 40x46 mm new and old generation low velocity (LV) ammunition of any type

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