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Akdaş AK-40RGL


  • Model: AK-40RGL
  • Gauge: 37/38 or 40 mm
  • System: Release lever on the top of the receiver is depressed and barrel breaks open, and barrel is closed manually after loading/unloading. This gun has double-action trigger system that cocks the action automatically as the trigger is pulled. Safety is disengaged by sliding it down making the gun ready to fire.
  • Weight: 2510 gr(UNLOADED)
  • Trigger Type: Double-action trigger
  • Receiver: Receiver 7075 aluminum
  • Barrel Lenght: 305 mm
  • Safety: Ambidextrous slide safety
  • Total Length Standalone (Telescopic Stock Open): 735 mm
  • Total Length Standalone (Telescopic Stock Closed: 680 mm
  • Sight System: Low position and 80/100/130 meter interval
  • Shooting Mode: Single shot
  • Shooting Velocity: 5-6 rounds / minute
  • Effective Range: 100 m

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