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As a matter of fact, the situation was not much different in Huğlu, the familiar Anatolian town; limited incomes, poverty, scarce life… As was common in small settlements in the first period of the 1900s, some went to cities, other towns and villages to work in construction, as was common in small settlements, while others were trying to make their living from very limited cultivation areas.

Those who took the first step to end this familiar bottleneck, to open a new door for Huğlu and to reveal the talent of Huğlu, are the curious people who brought the gun maintenance and repair jobs they learned in the military, together with their self-confidence, to this town where the conditions are pretty, but cute in essence, but where the conditions are quite tough. There have been Hughlus.

Trying to be developed under limited and lack of technology; Ömer Akdaş, who made great contributions to the rifle industry, which relied on the devotion of these brave and enterprising masters, and even gave life to the first Turkish farm, opened his own workshop in 1948 with what he learned from the masters of the period. Production in underground workshops continued on a large scale until 1962, and then the Huğlu Shotguns Cooperative, which is undoubtedly the symbol of Huğlu, was established with 165 partners with the participation of Ömer Akdaş and the masters of the period.

Sadık Akdaş, who was born in the spring of 1959 as the son of a master rifleman, took the first step towards his career as soon as he was born. Enjoying being a student and learning a lot, Akdaş had to wait for the secondary school to come, having read the 5th grade of primary school twice because there was no secondary school in the town. Sadık, who completed secondary school in the following years, went to Beyşehir for his high school education.

He was introduced to the rifle when he was a 13-year-old middle school student. The little master, who helped his father in his spare time from school and was curious about the intricacies of the business, was able to delve into the essence of many brands and models of rifles even at a young age. Knowing that Ömer Akdaş, who is famous for his mastery, repairs all kinds of rifles with precision and care, the hunters delivered their rifles to the skillful hands of the master with their eyes closed; Thanks to this heavy rifle traffic, Sadık learned many things quickly and practically.

Sadık, who knows everything down to the last detail because he was trained in repair and had the opportunity to examine most brands and models of rifles, produced his own custom-made rifles in his youth, and repaired and maintained various rifles, especially those belonging to a friend. When the calendars showed the year 1988, the young master broke new ground in Turkey; together with his father Ömer Akdaş, he produced the first domestic kinetic system semi-automatic shotgun. This model, which was brought to the Huğlu Shotguns Cooperative, has become very popular and has been produced for years; even today a new version is produced.

He was appointed as the vice chairman of the board of directors of the Huğlu Hunting Rifles Cooperative with the cooperative election held in 1998, and years later, he gave the cooperative a very bright period during his 5 years of service with the flag he inherited from his father. He brought elegance and lightness to many models, including the most loved ones in the product range of the cooperative, and directed the development of product codes. In addition, he carried the models with ejectors produced on special request into mass production, brought various products into the modern state they are today, and brought many new models that are still popular today to the cooperative.

In the period after completing his service period, he achieved what he wanted to do for years, which has become a ukde in him. In 2003, he continued his work at Akus, of which he was a founding partner, and had his name written in gold letters in the Turkish Shotgun industry by producing the first and only 5-pin active flintlock superpose and 7-pin active flintlock pair produced in Turkey by a Turkish master.

He listened to the voice of his wife, friend and the market in his intense work tempo, evaluated the demands and moved Akdaş Silah, which was operating on a small scale until 2007, to the factory level with his brother Selim Akdaş in 2007 and cut off all connections with Akus as of 2011. He moved all his works to Akdaş Silah, which is a family company, and with the experience of years, he started to offer first class products with the expected quality and at a reasonable price. The point he has reached in a short time is proof that he is on the right track.

Loyal Akdas means Huglu! He is the beloved Chief Master of this powerful, sharing, equal and artisanal town, which was formerly known as Tüfekçi Village.

There is no such restlessness here; No matter who you ask, for example, he is shown as the greatest master. I mean, without such awkwardness as shyness. It doesn’t matter whether it is Huğlu Shotguns Cooperative or entrepreneurs; If they have problems, they come to refer to the experience of Sadık Usta without hesitation. Of course, without ever missing their respect and love. Because the door of Sadık Usta is open to everyone, he never hesitated to do his best for his people and country, and he never shied away from the shotgun manufacturers both inside and outside of Huğlu.

Sadık Akdaş, who has a life and career shaped by rifles, is the owner of thousands of pounds worth of Holland & Hollands, attractive Italy Perazzis, powerful Merkels, Krieghoffs, Brownings, etc. that no one dares to touch in Turkey. It is the only reliable hand that does its maintenance and repair.

As of today, Sadık Akdaş manages the mass production at Akdaş Arms factory and repairs and maintains luxury rifles whenever he finds time upon request.
During your visit to Akdaş Arms factory, he will welcome you, welcome you with interest and send you gladly. No doubt about it…