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AK-12UBS 12 GA Under Barrel Shotgun

AK-12UBS is a 12 ga pump action shotgun designed to be an ancillary weapon to be attached to infantry rifles comprising an under-barrel Picatinny rail. In addition, AK-12UBS can be used in stand-alone form thanks to the adjustable stock accessory provided with the gun.

This UBS can shoot both lethal (steel or lead pellets) or non-lethal (rubber) ammunition and is quite effective for riot control and close combats as the shotshells that it fires will spread and hit a wide area.



  • Light and ergonomic design for ease of use and transport
  • High wear resistant, hard chrome coated barrel with carbon alloy that provides a long barrel life span
  • In addition to the utilization by attaching to an infantry rifle, capability of using as a stand-alone shotgun comprising a telescopic stand with adjustable comb
  • Use of lethal or non-lethal ammunition depending on the event
  • Auxiliary fire power when ammunition of infantry rifle runs out
  • Thanks to the shotgun cartridges with plenty of pellets, ability to hit drones and UAV’s much easier comparing to infantry rifles

Technicial Specifications

  • Operation

    Pump Action

  • Caliber

    12 ga

  • Chamber

    70 mm

  • Magazine Capacity


  • Barrel Length

    22 cm

  • Total Length Standalone (Telescopic Stock Open)

    760 mm

  • Total Length Standalone (Telescopic Stock Closed)

    684 mm

  • Total Length Attached to MPT-76 Rifle

    409 mm

  • Weight (Standalone - Empty)

    3056 gram

  • Weight (Attached to MPT-76 Rifle - Empty)

    2068 gram

  • Trigger Pull Force

    2800 gram

  • Type of Ammunition

    12 ga lethal (SG, BB, Slugs etc.) or non-lethal (rubber, plastic)