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Simple and Strong!

Remarkably well balanced, the Akdaş Kuntor series shotguns provide easy shooting for any type of shooter. This ensures a perfect and consistent performance under any circumstances. Receivers of Kuntor series shotguns are machined from a single block of forged steel/high quality aluminum alloy. Having automatic ejectors option, single selective trigger, checkered stocks, etc.; Akdaş Kuntor Series shotguns provide you with what you expect in a reasonably priced over-and-under/single barrel either with forged steel receivers or lightweight aluminum alloy receivers.

Slimmer and lighter 20 gauge version of the over-and-und with forged steel receiver and ejectors is also available.

Tested at 1400 (±150) BAR

Combination of balance, performance and value…

Built like a tank, the Akdaş Sporto models ensure a long-lasting service life for frequent shooters thanks to the CNC machined forged monoblock steel receivers and carbon steel mechanism parts. The unique checkering on the stocks and the ergonomic grip ensures a firm hold during competitions. Optional adjustable butt plate and adjustable stock comb provide that the guns be adjusted to suit the reach of each shooter. Specially profiled rib improves the aim and the foresight is clearly visible while tracking the clay.

Sporto models are simply designed to offer optimal performance for demanding shooters, and for a very long time.

Tested at 1400 (±150) BAR